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    Rental Property Insurance

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Protecting Landlords and their Investments

For landlords, having the right insurance coverage is a business decision—it is a way to protect themselves financially in case something goes wrong. At Gillette Agency, many of our customers come to us specifically for rental insurance (also referred to as “landlord insurance”). Located in Bloomington, we offer a number of different products to meet the needs of landlords throughout the Twin Cities and across Minnesota.

We tailor the products we recommend to our customers’ risk tolerance and needs, and we can offer insurance coverage that is ideal for:

  • First-time landlords
  • Investors with multiple investment properties
  • Commercial landlords
  • Vacation rentals

Coverage for Rental Properties: What it Is & Why it’s Necessary

Landlord insurance is necessary to protect your investment. We can tailor coverage to your specific properties. We offer valuations from Actual Cash Value to Replacement Cost. We also insure against loss of income when property is damaged due to a covered loss.

One of the most important reasons to purchase rental insurance for your property is protection from lawsuits. Liability insurance will provide coverage in the event you are negligent in the operation of your property. Your insurer will also provide coverage for your defense and pay any settlement or verdict up to the policy limits.

Having high-quality insurance coverage means that your insurer’s legal team will be on your side. They will protect your financial interests if someone is hurt on your property or if you are otherwise accused of negligence.

We Meet Your Business Needs

Each of our customers’ needs are different. We partner with experienced business owners to put coverage in place quickly and cost-effectively, but we also work with first-time investors who are navigating a rental for the first time.

We tailor the services we provide and are always available to answer your questions or respond to concerns. Please request a free landlord insurance quote or call us at (952) 884-6772 for more information.